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Hello AirtelTrickianz ,Now in Tech world we are sharing data yet it can be any type of data that we are sharing with friends and sometimes we’ll get or store same data on another folder or on another directory. And duplicate or same files on same device on different-different folder can be cause to disk full.

In this computer world we copy and paste lots of files and folder in our computer and sometime we copy some of the files in our computer that are already existed in our computer in some another directory. For example if we have any duplicate movie in our computer then it is wasting around 2-4 GB memory space in our computer. So better is to remove the duplicate files in computer to save lot of memory. But you don’t where exactly these files are located to delete them. So we are here to resolve this issue with trick for How to Find Duplicate Files in Computer. Yes by this method you can actually find the files that have more than one copy and the actual path of the file to delete them.

So it’s time to save memory space and deletes the duplicate files, so we are elaborating a unique method to remove the existed duplicate files in drive.

Follow below Steps to Do it

1. First of all download and install the Duplicate File Finder from here.

2. Now launch the software in your operating system.
3. Now there you will see three dotted button just click on it.

4. There select the folder that you want to check for duplicates files in your pc.

5. Now at right side there will be add button click on it and select the path to scan that file over the directory and click on Ok.
6. Now it will start scanning files that you have selected and also there will be message box appeared there along.
7. Now if it finds any duplicate file then it will display the path in message box. Open that files and delete it to save memory.

That’s all, you have done successfully
• Download Duplicate File Finder Software {1 MB}

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